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The major cause of cocaine addiction is that tolerance develops very quickly (tolerance in medicine means that in order to feel pleasure it is required to take increasing dose). Drug addict looses self-confidence getting used to sense of cheerfulness, fit of energy under cocaine influence. They are afraid to lose cocaine influence “protection”.

cocaineDepression and apathy appear in a period without cocaine influence.

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant causing arrhythmia, dangerous palpitation, and increased pressure. Considering that most patients sniff cocaine, their respiratory tract blood vessels are injured.

Cocaine addicts usually suffer from nosebleed (respiratory tract hemorrhage).

Cocaine Addiction Definition and Development

cocaine (1)Cocaine is a tropane alkaloid. It has local anaesthetizing (similar to its homolog – novocain) and narcotic action. Along with other alkaloids it is contained in plants of Erythroxylum genus, for example, Erythroxylum Сoca and other plants widely spread in South America.

Being extracted in the middle of XIX century, pure cocaine was spread in Europe and USA. Initially it was widely used for medical purposes, but at the beginning of XX century it was substituted by more perfect medicines.

Cocaine is a narcotic drug, and its abuse is the considerable social and economic problem. Cocaine abuse is mainly spread in North and South America.

Euphoria from cocaine is very intensive, but short. Cocaine gives the sense of energy, strength, cheerfulness. Psychological effects of abuse include welfare feeling, incredible strength feeling, sometimes combined with anxiety and uneasiness.

Doctor Hiller’s Cocaine Addiction Treatment Method

cocaine2Doctor Hiller’s methods are based on scientific research of the behavior inherent to receptors reacting to cocaine presence in the brain. Doctor Hiller applies medicines which are firstly introduced intravenously within 2-3 hours. The medicines applied cause modification of cocaine receptors, as well as modify the work of serotonin, histamine and endorphin receptors. After intravenous treatment the patient does not already feel depression and apathy that are peculiar for cocaine addicts upon withdrawal.

After cocaine addiction treatment intravenous phase the patient is provided with a set of medicines that improve mood, ability to work, balance wakefulness and sleep regime and so on.

Medicines provided to cocaine addicts according to Doctor Hiller’s method restore the normal function of receptors responsible for positive feeling, ability to work, depression, apathy treatment etc. step by step. Out-patient cocaine addiction treatment lasts for 3 months. During this period patients lead normal life and visit Clinic in order to get psychological, psychiatric support and medicines.

Advantages of Cocaine Addiction Treatment Method

  • Physical cocaine addiction is removed at once during one treatment that lasts for 2-4 hours.
  • Patients do not need to suffer from something either wait for something to feel better. Thus the threat of nervous and psychic failures is reduced.
  • Highly professional treatment planning, selection of safe medicines and high level of staff training ensure the procedure without complications.
  • Quick return to normal life, minimal drug abuse treatment period. Almost in 2-3 days patients may start getting used to normal lifestyle: work, study, go in for sports.
  • Absence of need in intensive care treatment that lasts for several weeks during which the patient cannot see either relatives or other close friends, and which becomes a kind of imprisonment for drug addicts. Doctor Hiller’s method is the cocaine addiction treatment without long stay in stationary department!
  • Treatment in Doctor Hiller’s Clinic is anonymous.


guaranteeAmong patients cured from cocaine addiction according to Doctor Hiller’s method there are many film stars from the USA and European countries, the most prominent ex-football player of the world (listen to press conference in ITAR-TASS), and other well-known people the names of whom should not be mentioned because of medical secrecy (anonymity observation). This treatment has no side effects and almost no contraindications.