During last 15 years computer takes more and more place in the big part of the people life. Computer and especially the Internet, without exaggeration, have changed the style of people life. The problem is that the computer gives unlimited opportunities for different types of information and activities which we could not even imagine to be possible: gambling for money or not, unlimited information material, including pornography. Over the last 10 years many thousands of people in the world spend most of their time at a computer.

Computer Addiction is determined if a person who is not a programmer or his work does not require it, spends more than 4 hours at a computer. Unfortunately, thousands of people spend from 10-12 to 16 hours at a computer. So long computer using causes a lot of physical and mental problems: malfunction of musculoskeletal apparatus, hematologic system, eating habits, digestion, develop chronic dehydration. People, who play computer games, have increased endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, substances that give pleasure. As a result to presence of huge amount of these substances – they have accumulation in the brain glutamate (N-methyl-aspartate) and group of noradrenergic substances. A result is they start to suffer at computer refusal.

Doctor Jacob Hiller has found a pharmacological treatment to regulate all these disbalance. Immediately result of first iv treatment is unwillingness and even some suffering for staying at the computer. The first stage of Computer Addiction treatment is done intravenous and lasts for 2-3 hours. The following is medical treatment by special drugs which make order in all biochemical disturbances in the brain. Almost in 2-3 days patients may start getting used to normal lifestyle: work, study, go in for sports and periodically visit psychotherapist for 2 months.