In 1996 the Committee consisting of leading experts in toxicology, pharmacology and anesthesiology was established by the order of the Italian Minister of Health. The scientific Committee thoroughly examined 500 patients who had undergone treatment from drug addiction in St. Raphael University Hospital, in Milan, Italy.

The Committee concluded that Doctor Hiller’s treatment method is the most effective and reliable one. This method is recommended to the Minister of Health for application in other hospitals.

Committee Findings

The description of Committee findings presented by St. Raphael Hospital’s Director in Milan.

Translation of this Document into English

St. Raphael Medical Foundation. Gabor Holy Mount. Treatment and Rehabilitation Scientific Institute

Milan. January 12, 1996. DZ 39/GZ/es/UROD

To Mr. Edef Barats. Director of the International Relations Department at the Ministry of Health.

St. Raphael Scientific Institute has been collaborating with CITA Institute (Centro Investigation Tretamento Addicione) (Dependencies Research Institute under the Hiller’s direction) in UROD treatment implementation since July, 1995.

St. Raphael Federation Scientific Committee has examined and confirmed positive treatment results. St. Raphael Hospital began CITA treatment in September, 1995 and since then over 500 patients had undergone such treatment.

Italian Minister of Health established the scientific Committee which was headed by Doctor Paollo Mantsgacca. The Committee included experts in anesthesiology, toxicology and pharmacology. The Committee verified the scientific treatment aspects and treatment reliability.

Considering positive conclusion of the Committee, the Minister of Health decided to carry out exclusive treatment using CITA-UROD method in Italy under scientific supervision of St. Raphael Institute. Long-term scientific research is to be carried out, after that the method findings will be published by our Institute. The special budget will be provided by the government for such scientific research.

At present we have a working center in Milan, and centers in Bologna, Naples, Rome and Taranto will be opened soon by authority of the Minister.

St. Raphael Institutes in CITA carries out joint scientific research in analysis of different opiate addiction aspects, including DNA and liver function analysis in the presence of such addiction.

The public concern in treatment method is constantly growing as well as the demand in such treatment. Now we are establishing additional branches in different regions of Italy.

Medical Director, Doctor Gianna Zonney of the mission on behalf of the Milan St. Raphael Hospital’s Director