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Frequently Asked Questions on Drug Treatment

How long can abstinence symptoms (withdrawal pains) last?

For patients using heroin, codeine and other drugs, the abstinence lasts from 8 to 14 days, for patients using methadone, the abstinence lasts much longer, up to 7 weeks.

Is it dangerous to do such manipulation under general anesthesia?

No, it is not. The treatment is always carried out by experts in anesthesia and resuscitation possessing vast experience in their area. The intensive care department (edit.–may be “in operating room” or “in treatment room”, resuscitation image is closely connected with death, and we do not want to scare customers!) is equipped with all facilities required for careful monitoring of the patient’s condition. Doctor Hiller himself as experienced anesthetist and resuscitation specialist taught the experts every nicety of correct treatment. Among thousands of patients cured according to Hiller’s method there are no patients, whose treatment resulted in any serious complications or even more in death.

What is the peculiarity of Doctor Hiller’s method?

The peculiarity lies in the fact that 20 years ago Doctor Hiller and his colleagues discovered the method to medically concentrate abstinence in 3-4 hours. In order to avoid patients’ suffering, the treatment is carried out under light general anesthesia.

Does the patient receive medical or other support after the manipulation?

Yes, surely. The patient will receive medical support at least for 3 months. The patient is administered a combination of medicines causing blockade of opiate receptors and allowing steady recovering of disturbed biochemical processes in the drug addict’s body.

How does the drug addiction develop?

After repeated or frequent use of any above mentioned drug, the group of substances (noradrenaline group – genic substances) causing abstinence symptoms without next drug dose is generated in the brain.

What does opiate drug group mean?

Opium is a plant from which morphine, heroin, codeine and some other drugs are produced. There are also synthetic drugs having chemical structure similar to subutex, methadone or other preparations.

Frequently Asked Questions on Nicotine Treatment

Are there any side effects of such treatment?

Dry mouth may last from 3 to 5 hours, fatigue and sluggishness may last up to 3 hours. But all these side effects will disappear.

How long does the effect of the injection last?

Injection effect lasts from 2 to 14 weeks, during this time the patient gets used to living without nicotine.

What medicines are used in Doctor Hiller’s treatment?

The combination of medicines classified as so called anticholinergic substances is used.

Are there any prohibitions after such treatment?

It is prohibited to drive a car for 4 hours and drink alcohol for 5 days.

Is it likely that after treatment the patient will put on weight?

That is not necessarily so. Nicotine reduces the absorption of fatty molecules from intestine after meals saturated by fat. But with healthy diet excluding foods that are rich in fats there is no danger of putting on weight after nicotine addiction treatment.

What is the advantage of the medicine combination used in the method?

Proper combination of medicines completely eliminates the need of ex-smokers in nicotine, breaks them of this habit and has a general calming effect.

Is one injection always enough?

No. We administer one more free injection for the patients smoking 20 and more cigarettes a day. Such injection is made 2-3 days after the first one and secures the antinicotine effect.

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