Our Clinic in Moscow, which was opened at the end of 2009, carries out drug addiction treatment using Doctor Hiller’s method. The method is implemented in the best European medical centers specializing in releasing from drug addiction, in Sharite, Berlin and St. Raphael University Hospital, Milan, in particular.

Doctor Hiller being the superior expert in resuscitation science, Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Pharmacology as well as the author of innovative addiction treatment system trained the experts using his addiction treatment method in different countries. It clarifies the efficiency of his implemented methods and minimum possible side effects.

Doctors obtain the most detailed explanations on all Doctor Hiller’s addiction treatment stages. They do not treat relying on protocols, hearsay, incomprehensible decrees and information received from incompetent persons. Everything is thoroughly verified by the author himself.

Doctor Hiller’s treatment results prove their efficiency and confirm that all patients made aware of their problem can be completely cured.

Drug addiction Treatment Fee

Considering the fact that the original addiction treatment according to Doctor Hiller’s method is carried out using the most highly effective and expensive preparations, the cost of treatment only in resuscitation department for 4-5 hours amounts to 40-50 thousand RUB.
lechenie2That is why other methods (“detoxifications” and so on) promising to cure the addict for 30 thousand RUB are absolutely unclear. It means that these “reputable” clinics just do not have the foggiest idea of adequate treatment and use absolutely inadequate, cheap preparations for a priori unjustified procedure. It is impossible to pay for the work of personnel, disposable material and expensive medications using such amount, and this means that the addiction treatment (heroin and methadone dependence) will be a dead duck before it starts without their application.

– We would like to add that there are no any waste products in the organism, especially in the brain. Let any of these “doctors” give a name of at least one “waste product”! There is no need to “clear” the body of waste products!

– The addiction treatment does not require “clearing” the body of waste products. There are no waste products in the brain!

– Unfortunately, a psychiatrist is not able to cure addicts using his or her methods only.

– The science is still not able to verify the DNA and thus select medication for drug addiction and alcoholism treatment.

And those using these slogans or their combinations and promising drug addiction treatment do not have the foggiest idea of a real drug (heroine and methadone) addiction treatment.

Visit Doctor Hiller’s addiction treatment Center in Moscow – we really know how to help you!