Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic in Moscow is the first effort to be taken by a person facing such problem. Drug addiction is a disease which can and must be treated. Our addiction treatment Clinic in Moscow uses the unique and effective method of Doctor Hiller.

The addiction conservative treatment takes normally 2-6 weeks in drug addiction treatment clinics and centers. During such treatment the patient is provided with the combination of sedatives, pain killers and hypnotics helping an addict only in elimination of withdrawal pains, which usually lasts for 2 weeks and more. Approximately 40% of addicts never decide to undergo treatment in a clinic due to the fear of abstinence. 60% of those who have come for inpatient conservative treatment interrupt it at early stages. 95% of those who have completed the ambulatory care treatment in drug addiction treatment center return to drugs within the next 2 months. Thus, almost 95% and more addicts who underwent treatment in clinics and addiction treatment centers never cure.

The results of the best drug addiction treatment centers applying Doctor Hiller’s method including St. Raphael University Hospital in Milan show that all patients have been cured from addiction without exception and only in few cases addicts suffering from serious mental diseases or experiencing extreme environmental effects may return to addiction in a year. Click here to read Decision of Italian Ministry of Health on Doctor Hiller’s method.

At the end of 2009, the first Doctor Hiller’s Clinic was opened in Moscow. The Clinic uses the unique Jacob Hiller’s method for drug addiction treatment.

Because of the high social value of Doctor Hiller’s treatment method, the ITAR-TASS press conference was held in Moscow. For more information concerning scientifically proved principle of Doctor Hiller’s drug addiction treatment visit the relevant page of our website.

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